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information about pet trusts

If it is hard for you to think about your life without your pet,
imagine your pet's life without you...

If anything happened to you, what would happen to me?

sad dog

What will happen to your pets if they outlive you?

There is no reason for animals to be euthanized in Santa Cruz County because their people died,
or became unable to care for them, and they had made no arrangements for their pet's future.
But it happens every day.


A Cautionary Tail...

* This is a true story of a cute little local dog, the names have been changed. Unfortunately, this is a common "tail of woe".

For two months as "Agnes" lay dying, her little dog "Snookie" did not leave her bed. She had rescued him 10 years before and they had a special bond. Once Agnes died, her family took Snookie to their home, fully intending to adopt him. Snookie cried all night, so they took him back to Agnes' house and slept there. They were overwhelmed with their grief and at how much there was to take care of now that Agnes was gone. They considered themselves compassionate people, but after two weeks they wanted to go home and sleep in their own bed, so they gave Snookie to a local rescue group. Snookie lost his beloved person, his home, his routine, and any sense of security he had. It was no surprise that he developed behavioral problems. Over 10 years old, his chances of being adopted are slim, so he is currently in foster care.

If Agnes had a Pet Trust, this would not have happened.

Please read the Pet Trust FAQs page before reading about our services.

Simpawtico Pet Trust Services

Pet Power of Attorney:

We can create a simple, legal document so that, while you are alive, the caregiver you choose can act in your place on behalf of your animal. You give this person the legal right to spend your money in the best interest of your pet.

Pet Trust:

A pet trust guarantees that what you want for your pet will happen. It names specific people to care for your pet in case you are not able to. It can also arrange for the funds for your pet's for food and veterinary care, and it spells out the exact care you give your companion animals.

We can create a Pet Trust for you. You just fill out a form... and we create the trust from the information you have given us. Once it is signed, notarized and given to all parties involved, you will no longer wonder what will happen to your pet. Your pet will be in the hands of someone you trust, someone who will understand exactly what your pet needs.

Please inquire for rates.


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